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Barossa Valley Estate, Australia

Below are the details for Barossa Valley Estate, Australia.

Winery Name: Barossa Valley Estate, Australia
established 1985
Winemaker(s): Stuart Bourne
Other Details: Barossa Valley Estate was established in 1985 by a group of Barossa Valley grape growers who saw an opportunity to add value to their harvest.

The Winery was initially established as a co-operative with the objective of making and marketing premium bottled wine. The grape growers and the winemaker have a very close relationship due to this structure and the synergy that has developed is evident in the richness and depth of flavours in the wine.

Since its inception, Barossa Valley Estate has gone from strength to strength. Today the portfolio of wines comprises E&E, Ebenezer and Moculta. Each of these ranges is unique and made to a particular style.
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Barossa Valley
Website: Barossa Valley Estate
Contact Details / Location: Barossa Valley Estate
Seppeltsfield Road
South Australia 5355

Phone: 08 8562 3599
Fax: 08 8562 4255
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