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Atlasian Cellars, Algeria

Below are the details for Atlasian Cellars, Algeria.

Winery Name: Atlasian Cellars, Algeria
established 0
Other Details: Since Atlasian Cellars was established, quality has come to characterize the culture surrounding the making of excellent wine. Our aim from the beginning has been to produce top quality wines which are international in appeal.

Brands: Chateau Tellagh-Medea, Chateau Romain-Zaccar ,
El Bordj-Mascara, Domaine de Mamounia, Cuvee du President
Gris d'Algerie, Bordji
Appellation(s) / Region(s): Tlemcen
Website: Atlasian Cellars
Contact Details / Location: Atlasian Cellars
Meghdir & Sons, Inc.
518 Second Street
Belvidere, New Jersey 07823
Tel: 908-475-4803
Fax: 908-475-3584
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